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Posted to Using External Database with Heroku over 1 year ago

Wait, does that mean that Heroku leaves the ports open to the public?!?

I don't believe that would work as refs/pull/* would not refer to a specific ref.

Leverage your curl-fu better!

curl -sIw '%{redirect_url}\n' | tail -1


Wouldn't you be better off committing your 'slight changes/notes' into a separate branch and rebasing that every time?

@jwebcat Thanks. Anything to keep from leaving the shell! ;)

Just posted a followup to this: GitHub: add remote for pulls and merges

@swarut i'm a vim guy, so it's mostly vimdiff/gvimdiff. But I end up using git-difftool very sparingly as vim-fugitive fills that use case much better. :)

git difftool --help
-t <tool>, --tool=<tool>
Use the diff tool specified by <tool>. Valid diff tools are: araxis, bc3, deltawalker, diffuse, emerge, ecmerge, gvimdiff, kdiff3, kompare, meld, opendiff, p4merge, tkdiff,
vimdiff and xxdiff.

The details of the refspec are in Chapter 9.5 of @schacon's book ProGit. Neat work on trawling the Travis logs! ;)

Just a small quibble, you don't need to put the + before refs, i.e., you don't need to force pull the ref. Other than that, awesome tip; how did you come about this feature?

Posted to Chef: Avoid execute, ruby_block, ... over 1 year ago

If your execute resource results in the creation of a file/directory, you can use the creates attribute to indicate whether or not it should be run.

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