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Peter Boling

Advisor at Karuna Health
San Francisco Bay Area

Experienced system architect, team leader, mentor, rubyist, and full stack web application programmer since 2004, and also sometime linux system administrator. Familiar with every version of Ruby since v1.8.2, and every version of Rails since v0.10.1.

Author and maintainer of dozens of open source projects, most of them RubyGems.

Dedicated to moving science forward and improving the condition of life generally by automation and process improvement.

I excel at data analysis, task automation, testing, style guides, best practices, API design, benchmarking, and Domain Driven Design.

Built, deployed and managed several top 5000 websites, and led several PHP to Rails conversions of major websites, including aSmallWorld and BibleGateway.

Created solutions for finance, social networking, government, information technology, B2B, fashion, gaming, publishing, and e-commerce sectors.

Previously: Systems Architect @ MINDBODY, Principal Systems Architect @ Intricately, Principal Systems Architect @ BoltThreads, Principal Engineer & Web Team Lead @ Invoice2go, Sr Engineer @ Trumaker & Co, Staff Architect, Services @, Co-founder & CTO

Author/Maintainer of many popular gems, including:
* oauth2
* dynamoid
* flag_shih_tzu
* sanitize_email
* cacheable-flash
* gem_bench
* debug_logging
* celluloid-io-pg-listener
* activerecord-transactionable
* rspec-pending_for
* resque-unique_by_arity
* resque-unique_at_runtime
* anonymous_active_record

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Peter Boling
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