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Posted to Watch Star Wars episode IV via telnet over 1 year ago

Brilliant! 😆
Us poor mac users with no telnet (and no reason to install it with brew) can use nc 23

Posted to Read large text files in nodejs over 1 year ago

Nice and clean solution without requiring any third party modules.

Short and sweet, nice!

@projectcleverweb Thanks for the comment!

You're right that a start up might be more interested in getting the first iteration going rather than building fail overs, but It's kind of like thinking you don't have time to create tests for your software because you need to get it built first. That's fine (kind of) but as a developer the risk should be identified and presented to management. If they decide they are willing to take the risk then so be it. If the mitigation plan is 'none' and your response plan is 'holy crap, we'll make our developers work stupid hours and ignore their family' then the developer can then determine if their personal risk working for such a place is acceptable or not.

I called myself a "GRC Hacker" because I write software to help organisations meet their Governance Risk and Compliance obligations - but that sounds boring ;). Australia is incredibly regulated.

Speaking of risk, a personal risk I have working for such a company is that although I maintain the GRC intranets for over 140 ASX listed companies, the nature of the content restricts access. That's a risk for my personal employability if I ever decided to look for a new job because I can't show the content as a public portfolio that would possibly short list me before an interview. But given my current working conditions I can live with that risk for now :)

Posted to Inheriting legacy code gracefully over 1 year ago

Nicely done. I think there are some good points in here that could also be adapted as a general guide for non-technical people to submit bugs.

That's great, thanks for sharing. Another useful thing to test for with file uploads is to upload a document containing a string that looks like MIME part separator! One of our vendors had a problem with a specific document being uploaded that contained the string: ==00OO00== and their mime decoder truncated the file there!

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