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Posted to Avoid "gut feeling" in programming over 1 year ago

that's exactly what I meant but with much less words :)
thanks a lot, Javier!

Hi Rick, I hope you don't mind me commenting here and not on ycombinator.
I totally agree with what you are saying, because I believe that artificial time limitations that your work contract defines (as for example, 40 hours work in a week) will only work for you if your goal is to stay where you are.

I personally don't believe that this time is enough to do the work and to develop myself further so why should I stop at 8 hours per day when I want to reach more than others?

I also think that the only people who agree with extending your working time are the same people who love their work as you do and others will claim that as long as they don't get money for the time it doesn't worth it. How one can develop himself by learning without getting paid is unclear for me.

Thanks for bringing this up.
p.s. sorry for nitpicking, but your link to the linkedIn doesn't work because of omitting the "http://" part

@depl0y I believe the coderwall site is still quite fresh, it may appear slow sometimes and there are few bugs still, nevertheless I've found it quite a convenient place to share drops of knowledge

Posted to Avoid "gut feeling" in programming over 1 year ago

@mxcl thanks for your opinion, but I believe you missed my point a bit.

I am not saying that to have a feeling is inherently a bad thing. It's good and I'm trying to do everything I can to get such a feeling so that I don't have to look up reasons to use a certain thing when it's much faster to just stick to some principles and enjoy the ride.
What I am trying to say in this post is that although one might have a feeling (let's say a programmer is right about something this time), it can be difficult to build a reasoning only having feeling under your belt.

The same applies to why it can be so difficult to argue with women: their feeling are mostly right but there is no logical chain of reasoning and although they can be right about something they have difficulties when trying to explain why it is so.

@mxcl: Please do tell what you think of it

Posted to Avoid "gut feeling" in programming over 1 year ago

thanks a lot, mate!
I am using JSLint quite a lot, but I've never heard it's creator talk. that is until now :)
very informative indeed!

Exactly. I have also purchased the license when it was clear how much the tool can help. I have very old and slow PC at work and even though for some people the difference in time is not that big, for me it plays simply huge role.

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