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Posted to Use NFS to speed up your Homestead VM over 1 year ago

On the latest version of Homestead, you can simply edit your Homestead.yamlfile and change the folder type. E.g. folders:- map: ~/Code to: /home/vagrant/Code type: nfs

It's going to be better if you use the model from multiple locations in your application. Implementing the validation in the model allows you to validate all incoming data, once, from anywhere in your application, thus keeping your codebase D.R.Y. I highly recommend using Laravelbook\Ardent for this type of implementation.

Posted to Quickly Generate Lorem Ipsum over 1 year ago

@r-dent This code only works if you're using specific syntaxes like plain text and HTML in Sublime Text.

You can set it by right-clicking on the lower right corner of the status bar then selecting the desired syntax OR set the syntax by accessing the Command Palette [Shift+Cmd+P].

This method works well too for syncing between Windows and Mac. Just symlink the 'Data' folder in Windows with the 'Sublime Text 2' folder in Mac.

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