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I needed this. Thanks :)

@archonic The issue is that 'page:change' might be fired before the transition out animation has a chance to finish. I'm sure there's a way to get it right, but I'm not quite sure how.

Also try Alt+. to cycle through previous arguments.

@serknight, when you solve it, be sure to make your own pro-tip :)

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And don't forget this gem:

@serknight, it would be trivial to change the JavaScript code to animate elements based on a data-transition-in and data-transition-out attribute set on the element(s) you wish to transition. This would solve the problem of wanting to animate more than one element, and animating different elements different ways on different pages.

However, it sounds like what you actually want is to set the transitions based on the context of your navigation. That's a bit more tricky. You can transition out based on which link you've clicked, by tagging certain a elements with a data-attribute to describe which transition you want for that link. But how would the next page know which transition in to use? You could use a cookie, a GET param, or pass the Referrrer header. It sounds possible, but I don't think it would be very clean.

Another idea is to use meta link elements as context when applying the transitions. For example, an article might have multiple pages. You might want <link rel="next"> to animate one way and <link rel="prev"> to animate another way. Still, you would need a way to know which transition in to use on the next page when it loads.

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@wimnorder, my version of mkgit calls my mkcd function, so it will create the folder for you as well as cding and initializing git :)

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Great tip. Here's what I've always used:

function mkcd { mkdir -pv "$1" && cd "$1"; }
function mkgit { mkcd "$1" && git init; }

I knew about to_proc, but I did not realize you could pass it a Method like that. Nice tips!

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Authy is so cool. There are a few services I wish used it. I'd rather open the Authy app and instantly see the auth code than to sit and wait for an SMS.

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Yep. I use them so often I alias them:

alias pu='pushd'
alias up='popd'

You can also use the dirs command to see the stack.

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See also pushd and popd.

Thanks! You've got some pretty sweet sounds yourself.

Alternative method: Use a website status monitor, such as BinaryCanary. That way you're keeping your app awake and monitoring it's uptime.

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I've had good luck with DetectIndent:

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