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I'm working on a concept language based on the tenants of but with a more radical approach to the abstract syntax tree (which is actually a cyclic graph in my idea) in which blocks, functions and objects are one and the same, and central control structures such as "if" are just methods provided in the core library with a native binding, but not part of the language.

You can find some ideas about the intended usage in here:

You can also find a description and notes about the structures in the abstract graph in here: . The notes I made to myself so they are not entirely intelligible, but still.

I'm currently exploring the implications of using the abstract graph model (for example, an entire program can be persisted as a set of nodes and relationships in MongoDB or Neo4j), and I'm pretty excited about the flexibility it gives. I found you can, for example, edit a method's content, or partially fill an "if" condition as if it was a curried method. I'd like to jump to implementation as soon as possible, but checking the consistency of the core model is unavoidable and time consuming, so I'm not there yet.

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In a different list. Since I use mostly Trello as the organization tool, there's no way around if I want to keep the dashboard tidy.

I think that in a dedicated app or post-it system the rejected tasks should be hidden to avoid distractions.

The public computer needs to have GatewayPorts enabled on the /etc/ssh/sshd_config, otherwise it wont work.


GatewayPorts yes

In /etc/ssh/sshd_config

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