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This doesn't seem to work on High Sierra, even after reboot

Posted to Safe vs Unsafe jQuery Methods over 1 year ago

Good call!

@jjperezaguinaga Don't know, depends on whether the labor process took 1 year or 2 years.

@dpashkevich Ah thanks. I've already integrated JSDuck into Backgrid.js' build system with a simple one-liner in a Makefile. Thanks for the heads up though. Do you happen to know what repercussions the GPL ExtJS files JSDuck includes will have on my source code?

@dpashkevich Hey thanks for the tip, I'll give it a go. It does look pretty good..

Posted to Pretty Printing a Python dictionary over 1 year ago

Alternatively. You can do this:

import pprint


Posted to Prefer {} over dict() in Python 2.7 over 1 year ago

@milancermak Yep, but regardless, {} is still preferred over dict() due to succinctness.

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