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if(err) console.log(err);
    console.log(the_user.username); //goku


Posted to Advices and resources for PHP novices over 1 year ago

Learn the language, not a framework

A must! Most newcomers dive straight into frameworks even if they don't know OOP.

Posted to AngularJS: Scroll Animations over 1 year ago

If I scrolled fast the ball gets off the screen.

Posted to Find your fat modules over 1 year ago

Can someone help understand how these piped commands work? What does each command do.

Someone needs to fix dat code highlighting.

Posted to Shortcuts that save time over 1 year ago

ctrl+u deletes the line from the end. So you don't have to ctrl+a ctrl+k.

Posted to Wamp v2.2 wrong php_curl extension over 1 year ago

My life was easier when I started using Vagrant

Posted to Sublime Text 2 tips over 1 year ago

Zencoding is now Emmet

Posted to Organise Your Code over 1 year ago

Use a CSS preprocessor (Sass), split your code into different files - that's more organized.

I would appreciate a demo.

Posted to Clean-up PHP error-log MAMP over 1 year ago

Wow, that's alot for an error log.

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