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@gerep try starting your commit message with the action you have done. For example:

Add environment specific config settings.

Posted to Make a painless web API in Ruby over 1 year ago

Grape is good. Grape in combination with Swagger is even better. To generate automatic docs.

@xavifuefer I guess you could show a checkbox first, and if the user ticks the box, show your connect facebook button. That way you implicitly know the user has accepted your tos.

@abenbachir: I think I'm going not going to write it (going to edit the tutorial) because I didn't work now for a couple of months in symfony. I'm sorry about this.

@albertstill You could try to debug your request with console.log(). Also check the console if there goes something wrong. Sometimes it can have something to do with requests from localhosts. (try to surf to your ip, instead of localhost)

If you're writing software where the user needs to manage a lot of data (not just scrolling through a list of data) this approach isn't handy at all for the user. Example: you have a user management system and certain users need to be assigned a specific value. As an admin I want to find my users asap, with oldskool pagination I would find my users almost instantly. If I need to scroll through hundred of users it would maybe take half an hour. :-)

But nice article I think some elements are definitely true!

@stof I'll give you that. But a lot of people are already using FOS Userbundle in there symfony installations. I noticed you almost need to do a complete rewrite to integrate HWIOAuth and the fos Userbundle. Because the HWIOAuth is the "base" bundle and the userbundle is a service defined for the HWIOAuth bundle. If you have an existing website and you just want to extend your website with some extra providers, I don't think it's necessary to completely change your backend.

And for the routes ... I'm not using the same prefix everywhere. For example I have an account/manage and a profile/[username] :)

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