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I understand that you prefer MIT or BSD but why should people choose MIT if that's not exactly what you want comparing to the GPL licence? It's all about how you want your work to be shared, right? For example, if you want people to share back into the open source community when making changes to your code, you should probably go with GPL since it's forcing people to share the changes they've made if the distribute something based on it.

What might be worth to add is that you shouldn't program and expect console.log to exists since it's not part of any standard. With other words, only use the console API in development code, NOT in production code since some vistors browsers will crash by using it.

If you absolutely must use console in production code, wrap it in a function so no browsers would crash if the API doesn't exists.

function console() {
    if(window.console) {
        return window.console;

JavaScript console().log('something');

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