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Javascript Architect, Frontend Senior Developer at
Javascript Architect, Frontend Senior Developer

My name is Tomás Corral and I have three great passions:

  • Develop new and impressive applications.
  • Mentor other people to become better developers.
  • My family.

My story begins when I was a child and went to visit my older cousin, I still remember those multicolored vertical lines indicating that a game was being loaded into a ZX Spectrum.
Always impressed me that these colored lines were only the graphical representation of a code being interpreted by this fantastic machine to offer us hours of play, that was what got me interested in the world of programming and as soon I had my own computer I became interested in developing my own programs,
The first program I did was an inventory for a flower shop, owned by the parents of a friend, was then when I decided to become developer.

I consider myself a self-taught person that likes strive every day to learn new things and improve my skills as a developer.
Learning to program has been one of the most important things in my whole life because it really helped me to improve my way of thinking and acting everyday. Due to this fact and the lack of resources and people to help me in those old days, I decided to mentor other people to make their journey easier. (Colleagues, children and unemployed people)
I understand teaching as a way to deliver a part of myself to each of the people I teach to make them to be better people and developers.

Open Source combines two of my great passions because I can contribute to the community with something new and because it forces me to improve every day the way I work and make new things to grow as a developer.

Regarding my family, just saying that I'm the father of two beautiful children who are my joy and my engine and encourage me to be better day by day to deserve those smiles that I get when I come back home.

You can contact me in:

Twitter: @amischol

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