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What the fuck did I just read

Thanks! Haha, yeah, I stumbled upon this while searching for performance tips in JavaScript, and I was stunned to see that this gem of a tool somehow has slipped right under my nose. I love the idea of multiple threads in JavaScript and I also wanted everyone else to know about it, and start using them - because web workers are simply too good to pass up.

Thanks guys! I think reflows and repaints should be lifted "out of the hood," because right now, even in modern developer tools, it's hard to actually understand what causes them and how to track them down.

Posted to The New Background Position in CSS3 over 1 year ago

This does not work in Safari 6.0.5.

This technique is really good for drop down menus that should work without JavaScript!

Posted to PhoneGap performance tips over 1 year ago

The Adobe MAX conference had a lot of PhoneGap sessions, and the majority of them were about performance. Check them out!

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