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thani lim


if you developp web interface , it's a constraint to can't use the adobe solution.
Most of web design use it (you can use free alternative but sometime you don't want learn the wheel again and you want be able to work with psd files ...)

I 'm surprise to see most of developpers demo work on MacOS (iOS) (just look for a tutorial of web dev on youtube and you'll see)

I never use this OS and don't want, because a Mac OS is so expensive...
I don't want buy a >1000$ laptop just for code web applications or dynamic websites...

I look for an alternative between Windows and Linux and the only way i found is to have a Virtual Machine with Linux on it (ubuntu) but it's still constrain.
people can tell just using linux but it's not very friendly (and no adobe) in a corporate environement. (most using ged with Office (word, outlook, excel with long formula, pdf, ...), adobe, ... )

so i still lookin for a perfect solution between designer env, developper env., but not on a expensive hardware !!

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