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@projectcleverweb What i meant was using the .bashrc from linux in my windows cygwin not cywing in linux... Still a long time since I posted it. oh-my-zsh git plugin lacks speed with a huge git repo or maybe it was a problem with server/bad git repo.

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Nice although they say that this api call will be depracted.
"This feed will be deprecated. Please switch to" so keep that in mind. And the latter is probably using an api key.

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@thasmo Thanks for the tip. I look forward to a solution of this

Tried it in cygwin with the Linux .bashrc but it is too slow imo but + nonethe less

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Nice setup, redesigned my to mirror your although a widescren+ laptop with different sizes are not as awsome as yours

Sometimes this doesn't work as intended. I don't know if it's sth wrong in my config but when you put a php tag in html it comments out with "//" but puts it before the <?php tag.

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