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Full Stack Web Developer at Freelancer
Full Stack Web Developer

✅ Laravel & Tailwindcss (Among Top 20%)
- Laravel is the best framework out there. I have been working in laravel from its version 4.2. So at the time of last update on this profile, I have more than 3 years of experience with laravel.

  • Tailwind css is utility first css framework that allows us to bootstrap pages within hours with responsiveness of the pages.

✅ Vue Ecosystem
- Vue is the most growing javascript view library at current time. I have worked on vue from version 0.7 and used vue-router and vuex on my projects.

✅ React Ecosystem
- React has been my favourite one as it is the tool for the developers with right mindset of building application.

✅ React native
- I build simple application on this framework. I do not claim to be a master on it, but I have made couple of projects to assist my clients to handle the common tasks in their website with a application in their mobile.

✅ Server administrator
- I am very well versed with services provided by digital and ec2 like droplets and S3.

✅ Product Developer
- More than a developer, I consider myself a product developer. What I like most is my ability to go on my own without asking and doing any delay.

✅ Forge/Digital Ocean for Laravel Web Hosting.
- I happen to love forge, a product made by creator of laravel to run deployments of the projects.

✅ Git for version control
- I leverage to prevent any loss of data or pull feature tricks in separate branches and do merge if feature seems good enough to work with.

✅ Algolia and Solr Search engines.
- Algolia is the best service out there for search system. Laravel even has scout driver and is simple and straight forward. If you want alternative, I would love to set you up with solr as it is the best alternative of solr out there.

✅ Bootstrap CSS
- I am not pro fan of it, but 4 years of development, you just know how bootstrap works.

✅ Pusher API and One Signal API.
- I love real time application more than anyone, which make me addicted to these two apis.

✅ RESTful APIs and Web Services
- If I get a hint that any app may have a mobile application in near future, I build my application as REST API and separate services to micro-framework like lumen.

✅ Secure File Upload/Storage to server and AWS S3 cloud
- File handling is best with AWS S3 upload as it does 80% of my job.

✅ Stripe and Braintree payment sdk
- Payment, I prefer Stripe more than I prefer anything else. But, I also enjoy working on braintree.

✅ Site Scraping - I happen to be fan of site scraping as I preferably work on stock markets too for which I have build I own network by scraping the sites I visit. Let me know if you need similar help.

✅ Forum CRM

✅ Airtable and jotform

✅ Enketo and transformers

Then, I am the right choice for you.

✅ Clean code and short time
✅ Great communication with fluent English
✅ Can go on project all by myself.
✅ Almost always Available

Finally, My speed will be your assurance.

If not, ping me and I will try my best to set you up with a person in my network who can do your job.

Happy hunting.

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