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Maxicode Symbol
The Maxicode barcode symbol is represented by a 1 inch square with concentric circles in the middle appearing like a circular bulls-eye. The centre is surrounded by a pattern of black dots arranged in hexigonal shapes. This code can store around 93 characters of information, which can be increased by stacking up to codes together.

The Maxicode design was originally created for the United Parcel Service, as a machine readable code used for tracking the movement of packages.

Four types of barcode scanner:

Pen barcode scannner or wand barcode scanner
Pen scanners are made up of a light source and a photodiode which are located in close proximity at the tip of a pen or wand scanner. The light source lights up the barcode to make it more clearly distinguishable for the photodiode, and the photodiode measures the light intensity which is reflected back from the barcode which is why most barcodes are high contrast, black and white. In order to scan bar codes, the user will move the pen or wand across the barcode, pointing the tip at it so the light source and photodiode are able to read the code data.

2D Barcode Scanners vs 1D Barcode Scanners
Barcode scanners, otherwise known as barcode readers, have become a commonplace item in shops and warehouses. They are an electronic device designed specifically fpr the purpose of reading the printed barcodes that appear on most goods and merchandise these days. They can take many shapes and forms. From the horizontal or vertically mounted scanners common in supermarkets these days, to the handheld portable ‘gun’ design for pointing at barcodes.

ixMAT Barcode Scanner
The ixMAT barcode scanner uses the ZXing GUI and QR decoder in conjunction with the ixMAT barcode and DataMatrix scanning technology. With some criticisms of it’s speed, this scanner does claim to be a universal scanner with the ability to scan a multitude of barcode sources. Using contacts access permissions on your smartphone, the scanning apps for ipad will also allow you to create a barcode from contact details and display it on your phone for someone else to swipe from and keep. ixMAT Barcode Scanner focused on the US market, the ixMAT barcode scanner claims to be a universal scanner, and will scan both 1d and 2d barcodes enabling the user to see comparison prices, local prices, reviews and nutritional info.

MobileTag Barcode Reader
Mobile tag is yet another barcode reader for Android, but with an emphasis on its integration with a price comparison function. MobileTag is a universal scanner which will read a range of barcodes, including Flashcode, DataMatrix, QR Codes and conventional linear 1d barcodes too. Great for comparison shopping.

Google Shopper Android App
With so many apps utilizing Google Search, it makes sense that Google should create its own barcode scanner and product search app for Android. The Google Shopper app will recognise products by appearance, packaging, barcode scan, or voice or text search, and provides a variety of results powered by Google!

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