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If it's a rule then non-compliance seems like grounds for managerial review and/or discipline in a formal business setting. "Pranking", whether respectful of someone's feelings or not, seems like a more friendly way to 'tune' a workplace and less cold than being just another no-tolerance policy enforcer if you ask me.

I've put together a ruby script as a gist which does something similar.

Cool! I prefer the Planter script as a solution.

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This is an essential technique I use to manage repos from multiple endpoints. With Bash shortcuts, one can make this as simple as a single command.

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Another useful note is that you can set the environment variable CC to determine which C compiler software will use (use absolute paths to the executables if using custom software location). For instance, when using gcc-4.8 installed via Homebrew, add this to your shell profile:

export CC=/usr/local/bin/gcc-4.8 # set GCC as global C compiler

May I humbly suggest Mou

I am highly fond of Dash for managing git operations. I use the below 'snippet' to save me time and effort; the terms within underscores are variables naturally; Dash fills all the identically-named fields concurrently as you type.

mkdir __repository-name__
cd __repository-name__
git init
git remote add origin git@github-personal:SteveBenner/__repository-name__.git
echo "# Repo and README created using an automated script, bitch\!" >>
git add
git commit -m "Initial commit for git repo stored on"
git push -u origin master

It might be useful to mention this is Capistrano 2, and not version 3 you are using. They are quite different, and this can lead to confusion easily.

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