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I first ran across this tip at , and he references . Doesn't matter if others already have it though, it's a great tip!

You can always pull master back to a sane state and move the work in progress stuff to a separate branch:

$ git checkout -b new-branch-name
$ git checkout master
$ git reset --hard <commit id of last known good state of master>

This will leave master pointing to your last known good spot, while leaving all your intervening work intact in the new-branch-name branch.

There's a super-awesome method using inline-block and a :before element that allows vertical alignment of an unknown height in its container with no extra markup, too. More at: .

Posted to OSX .bashrc and .bash_profile over 1 year ago

You can also put source ~/.bashrc in your .bash_profile, if you still need the distinction but want the bashrc to always be sourced.

Posted to No borders on bootstrap table over 1 year ago

Hm… Why do you need the !important? The bootstrap selector seems to be .table th, .table td. If you include your stylesheet after bootstrap, you should be able to just use your code without the need for !important. If you include it before, you should still be able to just apply a more specific selector, e.g. table.table-borderless th, table.table-borderless td or .table.table-borderless th, .table.table-borderless td and again avoid the !important.

I only bring this up because !important can sometimes lead to confusion later when cascading should be working properly but isn't because a stray !important is overriding all styles. Nice tip!

Posted to Faster preview of Sass/SCSS projects over 1 year ago

Yep, there are definitely cases where it's not quite the right solution :)

Posted to Faster preview of Sass/SCSS projects over 1 year ago

You can also use compass; with a proper config.rb (this might be inferred if you don't have it yet), you can run compass watch and it will automatically compile all your SASS files in your SASS directory to your CSS directory.

Posted to live() method in jQuery 1.8 over 1 year ago

Also worth mentioning, on is specifically the equivalent of delegate (which was around when live was around as well). The difference is that .live (a) first had to select all of the elements you put in the selector before actually binding the event (a problem if your selector could select a lot of elements when you applied it) and (b) it installed the event handler on the document element every time. .delegate lets you instead install the event handler on a particular parent element (including the document element if you so wish) so that the event need not bubble as far and the document element isn't cluttered with too many event handlers.

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