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Igor Novikov


Personally, I follow a simple rule to both keep my history clean and retain commit parentage. When I'm merging a new branch for the first time, I rebase and do a fast-forward merge. If it happens so that the issue is still not done, I continue working on that branch and all subsequent merges are --no-ff without rebasing. So, all branches maintain continuity through the commit log (basically, it remains a single chain of commits) without crowding it with petty one-commit "made the copyright font size 0.1em smaller" branches, that take twice as much space in the best case (in the worst case they are based on a commit a few weeks ago and take quite some scrolling to figure out what they are).

Aside from that, I pretty much adhere to Git flow, having master and develop branches, as well as the occasional ones for hotfixes and releases.

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