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Hi, solved my previous problem... I'm able to log in with facebook, but when click i get the following error -->


must pass either a code parameter or a signed request (via signed_request parameter or a fbsr_XXX cookie)

Did someone also have this problem? I've searched the internet for some hours but couldn't find any solution... :'(

Hope someone can help me...Thanks!

Thanks sergiotapia for your fast respond, but i have a next question...

I've manually made the omniauth.rb file and placed the correct code into it but when trying to migrate the database --> rake db:migrate, i get the following error:

rake aborted! uninitialized constant OmniAuth::OmniAuth...

Maybe you know the answer?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

having a problem with creating an initializer for Omniauth. Should you make the file omniauth.rb by yourself or should you generate it by typing in a code in your command prompt with ruby on rails...

Thanks in advance!

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