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Do it using the validate method in your controller. Should take care of it.

Also, take a look at - might help you out.

@adamell :

Say there are two tables user and user_profile . In the user_profile table migration file, you will create a FK for user_id column referencing id on the user table.

The last bit of code is in the migration file for user_profile table

Looks like you have kept bootstrap in the public assets and are not loading it through composer. Can you try loading bootstrap through composer too.....

I am not really sure if that is the reason, but sounds legit to try once....

Yeah, I have restricted access to directories but parts like composer.json will still be accessible which is kinda embarrassing. I have reverted back to using this with public and have updated my virtual host configuration on my production and staging server.

Yes, but you think hiding it using .htaccess would work

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@avnerner what do you think about this ?

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@avnerner guess I need to be regular here.... :s

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