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YES, It is working fine but not linking to the respective page, linking to home page instead.

Thanks for helping Anthony, I iust tried to copy the above code and paste into htaccess, I do not see any changes in url:(

@anthonylevings : Thanks for your kind reply I am happy bit, the above code is not working, here is the original link I have to rewrite:
there is no any symbol("=") or nothing. I just need this link to redirect like:
fine with these both np and I don't like to edit any of my php files, please help me out

I'm new here and I got this htaccess code to redirect:
RewriteRule ^viewtopic.php [L,R=301]
for ex:
Output when redirected:
getting output link as I needed but the link is not working properly(not linking to respected page) please help me.

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