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The first step for you is to make Squid works. This protip is a next step to make it transparent for the users of your network and manage people who need to go through squid or bypass it. You can find useful information for your case here

Thank you reshmichitra. Actually there is a better way with an other component which is way more beautiful. I've updated this protip.

Thank you for this tip. I just don't know why there isn't any documentation about the $root used in the view. It just seems to not even exists on

What I do is to give wordpress is own directory. You can replace or update the folder easily (manually or with git/svn) and it is completely separated of your customized files. In production, it helps avoid annoying ".git" or ".svn" files.

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Why avoid using parseInt instead ?

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I added a specific part in the protip that shows how to whitelist both internal and external IP address.

Hi dpashkevich,

Let say you have to get an integer from an input, I would rather this behavior :
cleantInt("123abc") => NaN

than this one:
parseInt("123abc") => 123

Actually because 123abc is REALLY not a number. It actually depends on what you want to achieve but in some cases it can be useful to parse real integers... here is the function that you can use for that.

I knew about |0 but I don't like it because :
it don't return NaN for any string that is not a number.
it is very difficult to read in a project but it's just my opinion :)

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