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@zaus Ok, I'm using Chrome Version 26.0.1398.0 Canary, under Wondows Xp SP3

Actually this has taken of for us here for quickly gathering snippets - In Chrome Google Canary Open a tab as editor---from book mark- drag it off to other screen. Drag/ Copy and Paste into it snippets and useful stuff of other web pages (and their http://-s)

Crtl-S and save (as complete web page) some where (just a temp project folder). Fom bookmark make a new 'editor' page when needed rather than everything in one 'editor'.

When ready, use Sigil to import these pages (from temp project folder) into a new (or existing) ePub.

Create or make some lines into Headings <H1-6> then use Sigil's auto TOC maker, save as ePub for personal reference. (I'm using Cailbre for reading/organising ePub-s)

By opening the 'editor' Crtl-S-ed html files in Sigil, and not trying to just paste into Sigil (it uses webkit so almost responds well enough to Chrome copy/pastes), you'll get more of the original formatting images', tables' placements etc... that's where this simple in browser editor is so useful in gathering snippets and saving to disk - for those that works for :)

Posted to One line browser notepad over 1 year ago

Under windows at least in Chrome, Crtl B Crtl I and Crtl U work on highlighted text (Bold, Italic, Underline), and Crtl S will save for later retrieval - under what ever file name(s) you designate. Any one else know of any more Crtl sequences?

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