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It’s important that you read through the entire documentation for a technology before asking questions in IRC, maybe even multiple times.

I strongly disagree with this. Especially when a certain piece of technology is advertised, hyped, implied to be able to do X, then it's in the best interest of the author(s) of said tech to show why and how it achieves that.

It's nice if I get ten pages about how the inner file descriptor and buffer allocation happens, and how revolutionary X's network approach is, but without at least a bunch of different examples that show why good-old APIs, for example the BSD sockets or the POSIX file systems, don't cut it or how easier it is to do what those do with X, I get really sad. And for-better-or-worse we have enough alternative implementations, proposals, protocols, stacks, gems and packages, and not necessarily the best technological solution (that best caters to the most of the use cases, user problems, aka needs).

So, I think, it should be a desirable goal for engineers to clearly communicate their achievements and results, and tend to their creations.

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