Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· anselm

Debug and develop with TypeKit enabled

If you use jsbin, dabblet.com, jsfiddle.net or other services, you might experience that your TypeKit fonts are not shown.
This is because you need to set up this domain for use in your kit.

  1. Remember which service you are using: JSBin.com, jsfiddle.net, dabblet.com or other ones, just remember the URL
  2. Go to your TypeKit Kit settings and your URL-settings
  3. Set your remebered URL in addition to your normal URLs: jsbin.com, *.jsbin.com
  4. Publish your saved new settings by pushing the Kit's button "Publish".

You're ready, wait about 15minutes and here you go. You should now see the TypeKit fonts appearing on your dev-service.