Last Updated: January 16, 2017
· oliverusselldev

Installing PhpBB On Cloud Server

PhpBB is an open source software which is commonly used to set up forums so that individuals or a group could stay in touch and discuss problems, issues, and thoughts. phpBB is written entirely in PHP and supports multiple DB engines for maintaining databases for posts, users, and settings. The best thing about phpBB is its easy setup and low maintenance requirements.

In this article, I will describe how to install phpBB on Cloudways.

Sign into the SSH terminal using the Master Credentials and go to the recently created application folder. Use the following command

$ cd application/yourappfolder/public_html

Now to install phpBB, I will first copy the required files in the application folder. For this, run the following command in terminal.

$ wget

This command will copy the master zip folder of phpBB to the web server. Unzip the folder by running the unzip command.

Once all files have been unzipped, a new folder, phpBB3 will appear in the folder.

Next, move to the Cloudways application panel and copy the application URL from the Application Access Detail panel.