Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· hjemmel

Yosemite: Maximizing Windows

Yosemite changed the behavior of maximize button (the green button at the upper-left corner) now, instead toggle between the maximized size of the window and whatever user-defined size was currently configured, clicking this button will now take you into full-screen mode.

Ok Apple, but now how can i have the old behavior ?

Well you have some alternatives:

  1. Maximize the window to fills the visible content: Option + Click on green button

  2. Maximize the window both in width and height to the current desktop (like Google Chrome): Option + Shift + Click on green button

  3. Double click the title bar will now maximize and de-maximize the window.

Title bar
Now you will be able to maximize your applications again :)

[the Mac Observer]: "Yosemite: Maximizing Windows & the Green “Stoplight” Button"

[Apple StackExchange]: "Make the green full screen window icon on Yosemite maximize windows"

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Very helpful, thanks for the tip!

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