Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· hilukasz

Custom Syntax Highlight hack for arduino IDE


ATM, this only works for OSX, however it shouldn’t be too hard to port it over to windows. I will do writeup on it soon.


A few days ago I posted about a Processing dark theme hack I did, it generated some interests so I did one for arduino too. Had a few ask how it was done, so here you go!

first download:

Unzip and place here: /Applications/ click and view contents here)/Contents/Resources/Java/lib/theme

This has all the skin files you need to get it set up. Make sure you back up old ones incase something goes wrong. You can always download new version of arduino as well.

open up arduino and go into your preferences: Adruino > Preferences… and you will see a line that says “more preferences can be edited directly in the file” and then it has a file location. You can click that location and it will take you directly there.


Now make sure you close arduino IDE else you will overwrite your changes when you close (arduino IDE saves pref files on close).

Ok, now open up: preferences.txt and change the following lines:


and Voilà! you’re done.

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