Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· zaus

GitHub For Windows + Other git host (bitbucket)

Git may be > SVN, and if you're a little intimidated by the command line, or lazy, or you think GUIs are the new command line, the folks at GitHub released a Windows-specific client for managing your git repositories on GitHub.

It defaults to expecting a single remote origin at GitHub, but you can manually set up other hosts, like BitBucket.org.

  1. Install GitHub for Windows (GH4W), open program
    1. Set your username/email globally to get the right avatar in non-github projects
    2. git config —global user.name “FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME”
    3. git config —global user.email “MY_NAME@example.com”
  2. Add new repository (either preexisting or blank directory)
  3. In the repository, click the "tools" > "settings" link at the top
  4. Go to BitBucket, find your clone link -- choose "HTTPS" option
  5. Back in GH4W, in the "primary remote (origin)" box enter the link you got in step #4
  6. Update the settings
  7. Back in the repo view of GH4W, click the "publish" link at the top
  8. Wait while it spins, then confirm it's there in the remote.


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