Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· aimfeld

No more need to write Zend\ServiceManager factory code!

Are you tired of writing tons of factory code (closures) for the ServiceManager in your Zend Framework 2 application? Are outdated factory methods causing bugs? This can all be avoided by using the ZF2 ZendDiCompiler module!

ZendDiCompiler uses auto-generated factory code for dependency-injection. It saves you a lot of work, since there's no need anymore for writing Zend\ServiceManager factory closures and keeping them up-to-date manually.

ZendDiCompiler scans your code using Zend\Di and creates factory methods automatically. If the factory methods are outdated, ZendDiCompiler updates them in the background. Therefore, you develop faster, avoid bugs due to outdated factory methods, and experience great performance in production!

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