Last Updated: January 13, 2017
· oliverusselldev

How To Install Magento On Amazon AWS Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provide a highly reliable, flexible and secure cloud computing products for millions of active customers. Being an ecommerce giant itself, Amazon understands the importance of providing the best infrastructure for ecommerce softwares. If you are an ecommerce merchant, then the foremost priority for you during the upcoming holiday season would be to have an ecommerce store that you can scale when the business needs to grow.

Launching server on Cloudways is very simple. You can launch your Amazon web server with your Magento store within 8 minutes with Cloudways. With Cloudways, you get a FREE trial of 3 days on Amazon AWS to test your web apps and server performance. This trial helps you in acquainting yourself with the Cloudways Cloud Platform.

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