Last Updated: February 25, 2016
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Renaming a git repository

I recently moved a bunch of projects from my organization to my personal github so I can get some badges =) and what a pain, because I use a lot of git submodules, recursively.

Here's where to look for name changes if you don't have a script like me.

The project's remotes:

git remote -v

The configuration when initializing a submodule.


The configuration when submodules have been checked out:


And the submodule repositories themselves, which can live in two places.

On older git clients, the submodule workarea is the repository. Repeat the process in each repository.

Newer git clients will separate out the submodule workarea from the repository. The .git directory is replaced by a file with the path to the actual repository. Usually this is localted in .git/modules/. Repeat the process in each repository.