Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· igkuz

ZSH corrections

I've started using oh-my-zsh several month ago, yeah, I'm a slowpoke, but still.
It is really a great thing, but there was a very annoying thing that I couldn't live with - corrections. 95% of time they are cool and very useful, but there are some programs that couldn't be used according to everytime question:

zsh: correct 'ag' to 'ga' [nyae]?

The silver searcher example. So, I've asked myself(google of course): how can I fix this?

echo 'alias ag="nocorrect ag"' > ~/.zshrc

That's it. If zsh wants to correct you input and you really know that you're right, just add such line to your zshrc, changing the ag command with your command.

I really believe that you have your personal dotfiles repository on github, bitbucket or whatever... So, some time later, you zsh config fill be filled with programs, that should not be corrected in your environment.

Good luck.