Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· mgile

Emacs Daemon MacOSX Workflow

If you like using Emacs but would like better integration with Mac OSX, try the following:

First, get yourself a no frills copy of GNU Emacs from:

Next, create aliases for all your common operations:

Launch Emacs Daemon

alias emd = '/Applications/ --daemon'

Emacs Client Using Existing Frame (if applicable)

alias em = '/Applications/ --no-wait'

Emacs Client In New Frame

alias emn = '/Applications/ -c --no-wait'

Adding Emacs Daemon As Login Item

Finally, so we have nice shiny .app's to use, fire up AppleScript Editor and create a new empty project with the following script:

do shell script "/Applications/ --daemon"


Then simply save as an Application:


Once you've created your bundle, add it to your login items in System Preferences -> Users & Groups

Now everytime you login you'll have a handy-dandy emacs server at your disposal. The power of emacs is only a em myfile.c away.

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