Last Updated: October 09, 2017
· thedevsaddam

Terminal todo/task list for geek

Terminal tasks todo tool for geek

Task screenshot

Custom File Path

If you are interested to sync the task in Dropbox/Google drive, you can set a custom path. To set a custom path
open your .bashrc or .bash_profile and add this line export TASK_DB_FILE_PATH=Your file path

Example File path
bash export TASK_DB_FILE_PATH=/home/thedevsaddam/Dropbox # default file name will be .task.json export TASK_DB_FILE_PATH=/home/thedevsaddam/Dropbox/mytasks.json


  • List all the tasks bash $ task
  • Add a new task to list bash $ task a Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Add a reminder task to list bash $ task reminder Meeting with Jane next wednesday at 2:30pm
  • List all pending tasks bash $ task p
  • Show a task details bash $ task s ID
  • Mark a task as completed bash $ task c ID
  • Mark a task as pending bash $ task p ID
  • Modify a task task bash $ task m ID Watch Game of Thrones
  • Delete latest task bash $ task del
  • Remove a specific task by id bash $ task r ID
  • Flush/Delete all the tasks bash $ task flush
  • To start the program as service (Note: Must use as service if you are using reminder) bash $ task service-start # Start service $ task service-force-start # Forcefully start service $ task service-stop #stop service
Examples of reminder
$ task remind Take a cup of coffee in 30min
$ task remind Watch game of thrones season 7 today 8:30pm
$ task remind Watch despicable me 3 next friday at 3pm
$ task remind Bug fix of the docker and send PR next thursday