Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· wajatimur

Installing GIT on RHEL 6.3

This tip is aim to install a stable GIT on RHEL 6.3 using YUM. First you need to download a RepoForge rpm into you system using below command.

# Importing key into system
rpm --import http://apt.sw.be/RPM-GPG-KEY.dag.txt

# Installing latest version of repo

While installing RepoForge repo, make sure u are using correct rpm package base on your architecture. In example, we are using x86_64 architecture for 64bit system. If your system were using 32bit, you need a package with i686 architecture.

To check you system architecture you can use below command.

uname -a

To proceed, install GIT using following command.

yum install --enablerepo=rpmforge-extras git

Now you can verified you git installation using command.

git --version