Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· ideatolaunch

From side project to startup company

I have been in and around computer programming since grad school (I worked on the embattled <a href = "">Alcator C-Mod project</a>). I built a small software company and <a href = "">got acquired.</a> I even <a href = "">teach coding to kids.</a>

The thing is...I suck at coding.

Seriously. I have not put in the <a href = "">10,000 hours</a> that it would take to have anything meaningful to say about servers and clients and ruby and python and javascript and html and css. And I recently realized that I probably won't ever be a real expert on these things.

So why am I writing a pro tip on Coderwall?

Because I also realized what I am good at: solving the problems of real human beings. I have a knack for seeing the match between a product and a market. Think about that side project you have been hacking on at night or on weekends. Could that turn into your own company? What is holding you back? In all likelihood, it's not a product or technology issue at all. Maybe it's getting those first users. Maybe it's a model for monetizing. Maybe it's a marketing rethink.

Here's my hypothesis: the ideas in your brain and github repos have a ridiculously large potential. I want to help transform ideas to businesses.

Here's my offer: I will do a free phone call with anyone from Coderwall about their idea. I won't steal it (remember...I suck at coding). I won't tell you it's amazing (that's what moms are for). I will ask hard questions and help you identify the next steps to getting your idea closer to becoming a business.

<a href = "">So let's talk.</a>