Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· mwunsch

Random number generator in bash

My preferred random number generator is built right into my shell.

$ echo $RANDOM

$RANDOM is a bash function (not a constant) that returns a random signed 16 bit integer (from 0 through 32767).

You can use modulo to put some bounds on it. This line will output a random int between 0 - 9:

$ echo $(( $RANDOM % 10 ))

If you want to generate a random int between 1 - 10:

$ echo $(( $RANDOM % 10 + 1 ))

If you need something more, check out /dev/random or /dev/unrandom. From the manpage (man 4 random):

The random device produces uniformly distributed random byte values of potentially high quality.
To obtain random bytes, open /dev/random for reading and read from it.

/dev/urandom is a bunch of binary data, so you need to read it with od.

$ od -An -N4 -i < /dev/urandom

This outputs at max 4 bytes (the -N4 flag) signed decimal ints (-i) at no address (-An).

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