Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· farnhizzle

Sublime Text Editor 2 Tidbits & Tips

If you have recently switched to using Sublime like me, then you might be looking for some nice little resources beyond the standard documentation. I found this... by Jeffery Way.

I'm just getting started into his tutorials, but I have encountered at least 4 new things that are going to help my development process.

⌘D gets you some nice multiple cursors. Multiple cursors is my new best friend, and it should be yours. :)

Textmatees might remember this kind of option in a ⌥ Drag.

Incremental Search is pretty sweet too. ⌘I and enter. VOILA!!

These are some great videos and big thanks go out to Jeffery Way. He's been killing it aver at NetTuts forever.