Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· elder0010

A simple Mailchimp V2API PHP Wrapper

A simple PHP wrapper class for v2 of the MailChimp API.

It wraps some basic API operations to make things easier. Grab it here.

  • lists - return the created lists
  • subscribe_one - subscribes one user to a list
  • subscribe_many - subscribes a list of users to a list
  • unsubscribe_one - unsubscribes one user from a list
  • unsubscribe_many - unsubscribes a list of users from a list


$mc = new Mailchimp_Easywrapper('YOUR_API_KEY_HERE');

//create a couple of users using pack_user 
$user_1 = $mc->pack_user('','John','Doe');
$user_2 = $mc->pack_user('','Jane','Doe');

//put the users together..
$users = array();
$users[] = $user_1;
$users[] = $user_2;

//Subscribe an user

//Unsubscribe an user

//Subscribe many users

//Unsubscribe many users