Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· diegoarcega

Sublime: Start typing then TAB. Create tabTriggers

Speed up your project development with some shortcuts. You can either download a Javascript/PHP/etc set of Snippets(via Package Control: Install Package) or make your own.

Here we are going to create our own tabTrigger.

  • Open Sublime
  • Select Tools > New Snippet
  • Sublime will show you a skeleton, you can modify it to look like this: Picture
  • Save at : Packages/User folder location as a .sublime-snippet file format(ex: consoledebug.sublime-snippet)

Whatever is inside <![CDATA[ ]]> is going to be printed out when you write your tabTrigger in your scope and hit tab.

The ${1:this} notation will make the cursor focus on this word right after the action is performed, this could be any other word like: clientVariable, peopleObject or cityArray.

    <!-- Result to be printed ex: console.debug(''); -->
    <!-- Optional: Tab trigger to activate the snippet -->
       <!-- Optional: Scope the tab trigger will be active in -->
    <!-- Optional: Description to show in the menu -->

You can only have one tabTrigger per file, so, for each new tabTrigger you are going to create, you need another .sublime-snippet file.


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Cool. This is a good tutorial.

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