Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· jubianchi

atoum : The modern, simple and intuitive PHP 5.3+ unit testing framework


atoum is an emerging unit testing framework for PHP 5.3+. It lets you write tests with a really simple and intuitive syntax.

atoum offers :

... and many others interesting features are available now and some other are coming (TAP report, filesystem "mocking", ...)

You will also find :

atoum has no official release : the master is always stable and atoum itself guarantees that everything is OK with a lot of tests : the test suite covers about 85% of atoum's source code (150+ tests, 1100+ methods/testcases, 17k+ assertions). So we can tell you that atoum is rock-solid :)

The documentation is being written (in French) and translated in English :

atoum actually has a tiny but really reactive community : you can join us on IRC : freenode/##atoum (yes, the channel name has two #)

Hope you will like atoum and perhaps use it in your future projects ;)