Last Updated: January 28, 2019
· pramodpk89

Setting Up Apache Cassandra on Windows

Files Required for Installation:

Latest release of Apache Cassandra.
Java development kit 1.8
Python 2.7

Step 1:

Download the latest release of Apache Cassandra.navigate to Downloads page of Apache Cassandra And download the latest release.Extract the downloaded file to a folder in your computer. say C:\Cassandra.

Step 2:

Download and install JDK 1.8 from the oracle downloads page.

Step 3:

Download and install Python 2.7.Cassandra CQl is a python based utility and it has issues with other versions of python.Hence use version 2.7.

Step 4:

Make changes to the configuration files.Navigate to

Open Cassandra.bat in a notepad and edit the same.Add below line to the same

set Java_home= <path to JDK 1.8>

Search for the text ‘JAVA_OPTS’ and change the java memory opts.Initially it will be set to 2G.You can change it to 512M or 1G which ever is fine for you.

Step 5:

Start Cassandra server by navigating to below path and execute Cassandra.bat.

For more detailed tutorials on installation visit: http://developertutorials.net


Once the server is started without errors you can see the message on the console as :

Starting listening for CQL clients on localhost/