Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· murphyrandle

ZSH, Bower, and command not found

Trying to install a Bower package set at a certain version, branch, or commit hash on ZSH was giving me the following error:

> bower install --save murphyrandle/foobar#some-branch
zsh: no matches found: murphyrandle/foobar#some-branch

It's because ZSH is trying to do some fancy glob magic. Remedy this by adding:

alias bower='noglob bower'

to your ~/.zshrc file.

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There is the same issue with *, but you can escape them by wrapping the token with a " pair.

Try this one:

bower install --save "murphyrandle/foobar#some-branch"

Your overall rule is a nice alternative too but may be hard to put in place for development binaries that you want to test with gtest for instance (where * suffer from the same issue with zsh):

./MyCustomDevBinary "--gtest_filter=Foo.*"
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Great point, @opatry. Thanks for posting that helpful comment!

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