Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· gweit

Ghost Blog up and running

Setting up your own Ghost Blog can be quite a pain, but i can sho you how to get one in Minutes.

If you want to get your own Ghost Blog up and running basicly you have 3 choices:

  • You have your own Server where you can host it.
  • You are able to get it running on Heroku, Openshift or similar.
  • You trust a Ghost Blog PaaS.

The last one is the most comfortable for sure, because compared to the other 2, you don´t have to administrate your own server which includes updates, upgrades and a lot of other things not to forget, you don´t have to get through complicated activation Processes which are stoppping you from what you basically want to do:


There´s a fresh one going in Public Beta next Week:

Actually in Public Beta you can:

  • Create up to 3 new Ghost Blogs
  • Upload as many Themes you want to
  • Add as many Domains (HostHeaderNames) to your Blog
  • Restart your Ghost Blog


  • to be continued *