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Ultimate Webdev Time Saver


With my wonder script you have more focus on your customer projects under localhost. So you get things done like a zen master. Believe Me.


echo " www.facebook.com" >> /etc/hosts
echo " www.twitter.com" >> /etc/hosts
echo " www.youtube.com" >> /etc/hosts
echo " www.pinterest.com" >> /etc/hosts
echo " www.stumbleupon.com" >> /etc/hosts
echo " www.reddit.com" >> /etc/hosts
echo " www.slashdot.org" >> /etc/hosts
echo " news.ycombinator.com" >> /etc/hosts
echo " www.4chan.org" >> /etc/hosts
echo " www.9gag.com" >> /etc/hosts


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    Hosting all those sites locally must slow your laptop down!

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    With my wonder script you no longer need this sites.

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    I coded a bash script ( https://gist.github.com/748896 ) with the same idea and man, you really save time!

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    All those poor souls integrating social networking APIs.

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    @naholyr I think including a call to flush the cache may help it work with Chrome. (Not FF yet.) I'm still doing a bit of debugging on the version I built for practice that has a cache flush, but you're welcome to give it a shot.

    You can also turn it on/off.


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    @afgomez I recreated a version of yours to practice my bash scripting. Thanks for putting it out there!

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    @sjhcockrell neat! I will shamelessly copy the good parts tomorrow and blend them with mine :)

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    Hi netzzwerg, i cant catch this trick totaly, would you mind just explain how to doit simply?

    Thanks in advance ~!

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    Does not work if you use chrome and already visited those websites : it keeps its own DNS cache and won't care about your changes :(

    I tried to make a pomodoro script based on this idea some time ago but had to give up.

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    You forgot imgur. :p

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    cool trick, but isn't the concept of discipline central to the idea of being a zen master?

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