Last Updated: February 25, 2016
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Expanding past pastebin, improving your text sharing ability.

Update: has been discontinued, consider using Mark Bin instead

For a long time now many people (myself included) have been using pastebin to share there text/code. Which there is nothing wrong with, provides an easy to use service that even has API. But, there are some interesting sites out there for sharing text.

Two of them are and

For the most part pastebin is used for sharing code snippets in the hopes of feedback through 3rd party sites. But what if you could get feedback at the same place you uploaded your code, and the feedback was in context of the specific part of the code it belonged to. Enter "Chop" not only allows in context commenting, but will even fetch the code you are looking for from a specified URL. All that plus its' easy on the eyes design, makes sharing code snippets all the more enjoyable.

One of the other main purposes of pastebin is to share random text. Whether it be a couple of URL's or a full blown rant, it is a great way to link random text. But how making it look better? In short, take a look at At this point, has become my goto text sharing service, because it is a simple markdown editor, and that is it. So I get all the fancy text I want, with no ads, no distractions & no subscriptions. Just words, on a page, and I love every minute of it.

While no solution is perfect, as time goes on, thing just keep getting better; and as far as I can tell the future looks very promising for text sharing.


Know a few good text sharing services? Mention them below! =D


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