Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· ericraio

Use Curry With Groovy

The curry method is a great language feature for groovy that allows you remove duplication in your code. See the code below on how to use this method. Learned this in the Programming Groovy book.

def tellFortunes(closure)
  Date date = new Date("11/15/2007")

  // closure date, "Your day is filled with ceremony"
  // closure date, "They're features, not bugs"
  // You can curry to avoid sending date repeatedly

  // call curry on the closure passing in the date object
  postFortune = closure.curry(date)

  // call postFortune twice passing in a different string twice
  postFortune "Your day is filled with ceremony"
  postFortune "They're features, not bugs"

tellFortunes() { date, fortune ->
  println "Fortune for ${date} is '${fortune}'"